Border Collie Puppies
Happiest Border Collies  you'll ever meet!

We love the Border Collie breed! My better half has been around them all his life and I was
introduced to them over 40 years ago. We love
the breed and all aspects of their
make up. Their intelligence and instinct are remarkable. National Geographic Magazine
did a spread
on them in 2008 which is really a wonderful publication and worth reading.
We have raised our Border Collies with our
family and what a neat experience it has
 been with our awesome Border Collies in our lives! We can't imagine it
any different. We have hiked, camped, enjoyed swimming, worked and played all kinds of
ball with them as they
are our family. This is an amazing breed and
 we would like to help
others to have the same loving, fun, exciting
 companionship we
have had with ours.
 I cannot imagine our life
without them!

  Many people call and want a cheap Border Collie. I do not sell backyard
puppymill puppies! Our puppies are our life and we spend all day every
day with them. They run and play on our place with acres of land filled with
 nice tall grass that they love! We hike, spend a lot of time on the mountain,
swim, and have a fun time with our Border Collies! They are our life
and it shows!
They get the best food (Science Diet recommended by my wise veterinarian,
chicken breast and cottage cheese), the best care and the
best of everything because they are family!

We spend a lot of time with our puppies to insure that are well socialized &
healthy in all ways so they come to you the best they can be. Our puppies are exceptional with the
best personalities and temperaments you can imagine because of the
time and effort we put into them to
insure that you are getting the
best of the best! We have been very selective when it
comes to choosing the perfect Border Collie to
breed because we want to have the best
possible puppies for serious Border Collie
lovers!... and it
definitely shows! I tell the people
that want the cheapies, watch out because
you get what you pay for! We are just a small hobby breeder
that only have three breeding females and two wonderful
males. They are part of our happy family. References provided.

Many people call and want to know the process of getting a puppy.

1. Give us a call when you pick out your puppy. 928-245-4042
2.We will email you our basic contract to review and if you have
any questions, just let us know.
3. Fill out the contract and place a deposit (non-refundable), either
through PayPal or however you are most comfortable.
4. If you need the puppy flown to you, I will make
all travel arrangements according to when you can pick
up your puppy at your nearest airport. I do not do ground
transportation. Flying the puppy to you, you will receive
the puppy the same day.
5. You pay for the remaining portion for the puppy plus the
shipping costs, 5-10 days before take-off with the airlines.
 I will take the puppy to the veterinarian for the
 USDA Health Certificate required to fly the puppy.
6. I then will purchase the airline approved crate for the
puppy to get on the airplane with.
7. You can track your puppy, where they are online on their cargo
You pick up your puppy at your airport!
It's that easy. We have flown lots and lots of puppies and we have
had 100% success! Read our awesome reviews. We have had lots of
people ask: "How do you just pick one out without seeing it?" They do
and they are ALWAYS the perfect puppy for them! It's amazing
but I have seen it time and time and time again.
9. Health guarantee for one year provided you remain on the
NuVet Vitamins. These are the best I have found in
two decades! My 17 year old went to acting like
he was 2 again! Serious! These are the best!

Litter born 12/28/2016
Can be Tri-Registered with ABCA, AKC, CKC
Puppies come with CKC registration, ABCA & AKC are extra an charge.
Champion lineage
Text for video 928-245-4042
All are show quality AKC puppies!
All puppies have a health guarantee as long as they
are on the NuVet Vitamins. These vitamins
are the best there is and my dogs are proof!
Keeps them healthy in every step of the way!!
Puppies are $1250 IF picked up OR flown to you by February 24th.


One Male, and the most beautiful little boy ever! Inside and out! He's got a
nice blaze and collar. What's so fun about this little guy is his one brown
leg and one white. His coloring is deep and rich!  He's unique! Fun!
Nose pigment filling in nicely. 

Sale pending........



Female  Shadow: She is exquisite! She has the popular, classic markings of the Border Collie
with her split face. She is super sweet and cuddly. She's really showing her smart side by figure
things out super quick! She has a nice wide collar! So beautiful!

SOLD to Geraldine!

Female #3: Chocolate Cocoa! This little gal is just fabulous! Her markings are so fun
so we are always saying she is cocoa with marshmallows! She is certainly gorgeous
with her chocolate coloring with white. BRIGHT GREEN eyes w/ eye liner that are
absolutely stunning!  She loves for you to talk to her and
cuddle and she loves to sing. Her tail is always wagging! So happy


Female #4: Honey Bee...she's adorable and as sweet has honey!  Her coat is an amazing color
and looks like honey! She has symmetrical
markings and is just precious. This is such a wonderful litter. Mama takes extra good
care of them! They are tri-registered and it definitely shows! Nice blaze and collar!

Female #5: Ginger is the neatest little girl. She is the biggest sweetie pie. Always happy
and wagging her tail.
 Her markings are symmetrical with her dot centered right in the center. She's absolutely gorgeous!
 She is also a deep chocolate.Her green eyes just melt your heart!
Female #6: Miss Dottie is last but certainly not least. She is gorgeous just like her siblings
and just as sweet too! Her markings are the gorgeous chocolate coloring. Its a hard choice to pick
from all these elite border collies but I can tell you that you cannot go wrong with
any of them! They are all awesome! She is showing athletic attributes and is very
fast and has a keen eye.

We are selling mama as we are retiring and need to find the very best home for
her. Give us a call if interested. She has had a couple of absolutely gorgeous
litters and she is the best mama ever!

This stuff is literally amazing!!

    Our dogs/puppies are taking the NuVet Supplements!  I just love these vitamins and so do they!
I have noticed a huge difference in my Border Collies since we started these two years ago, especially
in our 14 year old and 10 year old! Such a HUGE difference. They went from sleeping most of the
day and hard to get up, to springing up and running like a 2 year old. We just think these are
the very best you can get anywhere and believe me, we tried everything out there!  They
are healthy, more energy and my older border collies are just like they were
young again. I will never do without these. They are absolutely wonderful! When you purchase
a puppy from us, a sample of these vitamins come with your puppy so you can
 see how amazing they are. Then we offer a one-year health guarantee as long as you keep your puppies
on these wonderful supplements. You CANNOT get these in the stores, online stores,
or anywhere but here!  A must have!


To order:
or call:


Use O 34773

One bottle of 90 wafers will last 6 months for
puppies as they only take 1/2 tablet daily. That
adds up to $10/month. Can't beat that for
 wonderful health for your pet!

Manufactured in a U.S. human pharmaceutical FDA- registered laboratory

  • Natural, human-grade ingredients
  • Strict adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Loaded with antioxidants, amino acids, herbs, vitamins, minerals, and more
  • Cold-processed using a patented paddle-drying process to retain the rich nutrients found in each ingredient
  • Safe for dogs and cats of all ages, including pregnant females

 NuVet Plus Works for All Pet Stages  to Sustain:

  • Proper Digestion
  • Energy Levels
  • Resistance to Disease
  • Healthy Joints and Mobility
  • Proper Organ and Nerve Function
  • A Strong Immune System

“I am so thankful for your product! I started giving NuVet Plus to Domino when she was 8 weeks old,
and now she is 5 months old and she is perfect! Her coat is amazing and the vet says she is in
perfect condition! I told him that’s because she gets NuVet Plus every day!”- Adam, Alabama

  **$350 deposit will hold the puppy until you can either
come and get the puppy or I can send the puppy to you.
That is the only way I can hold a puppy for you.

*****Our puppies come CLEAN, bathed and smelling nice before coming home to you!
They come smelling sweet because they are sweet!! We pride ourselves
on always having a clean place so the puppies begin their life in a clean
  ** All puppies are dewormed as per schedule and will receive appropriate
vaccinations when they come of age to do so. We follow our
wise veterinarian's protocol. Our puppies go to your home
healthy and we offer a health guarantee. We start our
puppies on the very best being holistic foods. We spend
all day every day to assure you are getting the best!
Call us today for more information or send us
an email! We welcome any questions as well
as visitors to our place.


**Email us for more information on our puppies or .
Puppy prices for this litter include
   AKC limited registration or
FULL for an extra fee, and CKC! DUAL-registered with this
elite  lineage! All of our Border Collies are registered.
 Registration on our Border Collies mean our
puppies are PUREBRED!
  Price includes  registration as specified, puppy pack, packet of their
  food, toy, up to date vaccinations, all worming as
per protocol from my veterinarian and tons of socialization and love! 

**We arrange an airline flight for your puppy. We do not do ground
transportation as it takes days. When we fly your puppy to
you, it arrives the same day. The puppy must
be paid in full to fly your puppy to you. Airline flight costs are:
The airline fee, shipping crate, required USDA Veterinarian Health Certificate and a clean
puppy! Airlines will not allow collars, leashes, or toys in the crate.
 You are more then welcome to
pick up  your puppy, which is preferred. 

++++++** $350 deposit will reserve a puppy for you until plans
 have been made to either pick up
              your puppy or have him flown to you through the airlines.
 I cannot hold a puppy for you without the deposit.
You can use paypal to place
     your deposit with your credit card
or other agreeable means. Credit cards
   accepted through paypal.

 Give us a call at 928.245.4042. Please leave a message if we do not answer.
                We spend a lot of time with our puppies and
                we may be outside if the day is just right :)


We are retiring soon and will need to find homes for all of our adult dogs (4--3 females and 1 male). We would like
to have them go to the same home if possible but NOT be caged up but have
lots of room to run and be active as Border Collies are. If interested, please
give us a call, email, or txt.

Some pics of recent owners
Two lucky puppies are going to be best friends forever with these gorgeous ladies from Texas! T

They couldn't resist! TWO Texan puppies, coming right up!

Getting 2 is twice as nice!!!

JUST IN: "Update on our Tera: She is an amazing dog with so much personality and willingness to please. She just had a birthday and I am so pleased with her! She's amazing with my daughter. We hope to purchase another border collie from you once we can accommodate another one! Thank you so much for producing border collies with such wonderful dispositions! Cheryl in Alaska


What people are saying recently about their new arrivals..... "Tucker is
doing really good and we are enjoying him! He is learning so much so fast. We enjoy
him so much! We are so happy with him!"

Cheryl in Alaska LOVES her sweet little gal! She says: "Tera is doing fantastic! She's so smart! We love her! She's such a wonderful
border collie! She is beautiful!


"Hi! This is Andie and I bought my beautiful sweet Piper from you this past summer and I just wanted
 to tell you how much I enjoy keeping up with all the new litters. They've all been amazing and this newest litter brought
 tears to my eyes--they are ALL so beautiful. I can't thank you enough for what you
do for your dogs, as my girl is the highlight of every day and a constant
source of laughter, love and happiness. I wish you the best and thank you! Wonderful girl

My beautiful brown and white girl arrived just over two weeks ago. She is sweet, smart and has wonderful personality. She loves meeting people and is quickly learning. She comes right away when called and is beginning to learn to fetch. At almost 11 weeks old she is quite remarkable. Clearly Ellen is a great breeder and provides wonderful puppies. Dealing with Ellen was also a delight she was quite informative and always quick to respond. Clearly our puppy was well socialized and cared for. Although I was a bit nervous about having a puppy shipped from Arizona to NY she arrived safe and sound. Our puppy is delightful to have in our house and we appreciate all the care and attention Ellen provided her before she came to us

Reviewer: Walter, August 17, 2015 
The Puppy of My Dreams!

I got my puppy through this breeder, and everything about the experience was wonderful. My little girl is incredibly smart and sweet and such a healthy and energetic pup!I can't imagine finding another Border Collie like her, and it is clearly evident that she was bred by the best. The breeders here are easy to contact and also provide a wealth of information and documentation about their puppies. They have a lot to be proud of when it comes to the dogs they sell!

Reviewer: Andie, August 8, 2015 Our little Kubby

I can't even begin to say what a wonderful puppy we brought into our life. We could tell how much Ellen cares for her dogs when we met our little guy. Our puppy Kuby is loving, a great listener and just loves life. He is the easiest border collie puppy we have been around, which if you've ever been around border collie puppies, you know what your in for;) We had a hiccup in the ground transportation (not Ellen's fault) and she stuck through the whole process from beginning to end. I can honestly say Ellen is one of the best breeders to go to and it will show in her puppies! If we ever get another addition to our family, she will be the one to go to! Thanks again for our little Kubby

Reviewer: Kristen, April 29, 2015 Beau

Well so I found my perfect puppy !!! From the moment I met her we bonded and since then our bond is complete. Ellen was a lovely lady and her home environment was perfect. Beau is Happy , friendly, smart and her temperament wonderful, I could not have found a better puppy. Obviously Ellen's breeding program is very good to produce such wonderful puppies, thank you Ellen ! :) I would definitely recommend her, her JRT pups and her Collie pups. LibbY and Beau x

Reviewer: Libby, June 16, 2014    

"Augie and I are still two peas in a pod. His fur and skin are the healthiest of any BC I've ever owned!

I didn't realize that my previous BCs had skin issues until this dog.   Augie has none of those problems.

He's also very smart. I have to admit that I'm getting a little lazy as I get older and I'm not training him as rigorously as I did my earlier BCs. But he is very adaptable.

He's also WONDERFUL with children. I have neighbor girls (5th & 6th grade) that love to come over and play with him. They pick him up and toss him around and he loves it. He's very gentle with them."

Our Darby is simply incredible!
She is so loving and smart. We expected her to be intelligent but she has surprised us at only 5 months old.
 She is a wonderful addition to our family and her vocabulary increases every day. She knows everyone's name both human and animal.
 I am happy to tell that she is fabulous and how lucky we are to have her in our lives! I'll keep you posted on her awesomeness!
Judy, January 2015

I don't know what I would have done without him this last year. He is everything I have always dreamed of having and more.
 He is such a sweetheart and spoiled rotten but I wouldn't want him any other way!!!

 Happy birthday to my baby boy Max!  Cindra

Well so I found my perfect puppy !!! From the moment I met her we bonded and since then our bond is complete. Ellen was a lovely lady and her home environment was perfect. Beau is Happy , friendly, smart and her temperament wonderful, I could not have found a better puppy. Obviously Ellen's breeding program is very good to produce such wonderful puppies, thank you Ellen ! :) I would definitely recommend her, her JRT pups and her Collie pups.  Libby

Yes we took him to the vet last week... Got his shots, we go back next month for rabies...
 Everything is going well, we put him in obedience class, and he took to that pretty quickly...
Oh we named him Coco!!! He is the best border collie ever! He learns so fast!
I've attached a picture with my daughter... Thanks for everything ....

Panda is one year old this week and I want you to know that Zena Mikie and I could not love him more!  He and his10 year old brother romp and play every day and Mikie has gotten younger.  Panda is such a love, smart and agile.  He is so loving, smart, and athletic.  Thank you, you have a great breed line. Alan

  I have to take a few minutes and tell you how exceptional these dogs are!
They have really stolen our hearts. They are outdoing
every expectation I could have for them.  The transition has been effortless.
Bandit II is already sitting on command!  Thank you soo much.

"This whole experience has been so amazing. I never thought I could
get a puppy online and have it been more perfect. Our little gal
is more than what we could of asked for. Such a perfect match!
Thank you so much from our hearts!"

Blue is 11 months now and 42 pounds and tall. Sweetest, smartest dog on the planet! Even took him to shepherding and he was
  exceptional and did awesome to say the least! Thank you for such a fine companion! He has exceeded my expectations!


This border collie pup is amazing! He has already completed a six week agility class and knows 7 or 8 tricks and about 15 commands already.
Such a loving, smart and fun little boy!

I will stay in touch…. Kathleen, NM

Tucker is doing really good, I’ve been giving him cottage cheese and boil chicken you suggested. He loves it. He’s learning so much. We have him set up for classes in Jan. Were all very happy. Just wanted to let you know.



Bison and I are doing great in the herding world.  We did trials in Jan, March & April for AHBA and ASCA. 
Taking first and second place on multiple sheep & duck runs at both venues so as of now we have Started and Open titles in AHBA and  in ASCA. 
We will tackle AKC soon…we are in the advanced levels now so a little more work needed before entering. 

I’m hoping next year to take him to BC Nationals and then start on big field work. 
He is amazing on stock (he makes me look real good as the handler LOL).


Hi we mailed our paperwork out yesterday. Tucker is doing really good, I’ve been giving him cottage cheese and boil chicken as you suggested. He loves it. He’s learning so much. We have him set up for classes in Jan. Were all very happy. Just wanted to let you know.


Our n

New litter







healthy in all ways so they come to you the best they can be. Our puppies are awesome with the best personalities you can imagine because of the time and effort we put into them to insure that you are getting the best of the best! And it definitely shows! I tell the people

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